Sunday, December 11, 2011

Be First in Line!

Tell your friends - The Ukulele Entertainer is here!!!

"The collection of Ralph Shaw wisdom we've been waiting for. Keep it in your ukulele case, under your pillow, in your car... anywhere you might need a little inspiration from a true entertainer and a gifted teacher."     
- From the foreword by ukulele master James Hill
My new book is ready and I'm taking orders now...

Click here to order your copy immediately!

It's an exciting time in the Ralph Shaw household that's for sure.
The book looks great and is everything I wanted it to be.

Here's what will happen:

Books get to me by Wednesday December 14. And mailing begins right away. First ones to be sent out will be to the supporters who already contributed towards this project. If you also want to have an excellent chance of receiving yours before the holidays order right now to make sure your book/s are sent out in the very next shipment. (If it's a gift for someone else you can use their shipping address so the book goes direct to them.)

Here's what you'll be getting:

The Ukulele Entertainer is a must have guide to improve your skills as a player and as a performer. With this book you'll learn how to:   

Put strings on a ukulele - correctly,  

Play three styles of triplet strum,

Know where to look when you sing,  

Tackle nerves and stage fright,  

Start and run a ukulele club,  

Remember lyrics and sing on pitch,  

Create a killer set list and much more.  

Learn from a seasoned pro how to relax and improvise, introduce more dynamics into your playing, even-just for fun-how to make ukulele wine! You'll get some lessons in musical history and be royally entertained by the "King of the Ukulele" himself. This book is the definitive collection of top tips from the Ukulele Entertainer newsletter series and is surely for you!

This book is only available directly from me, Ralph Shaw. So click here to Buy Now and be the Best Ukulele Entertainer You Can Be for only $19.99!

Note for international customers: Only orders from USA/Canada are sent by airmail. Other international orders are shipped by surface mail (approx. 6 to 10 weeks.) If you're a faraway customer who would like airmail please contact Ralph directly to place your order.  

About the Author 
Ralph Shaw is an "uber-talented performer with the soul of a teacher" who brings, along with his ukulele, the best of British Music Hall to the stage. The wit, charm and comic energy of his live performances are also evident in his writing. His original songs have been featured regularly on CBC Radio and can also be heard in movies and TV shows. Ralph lives in Vancouver, Canada, and travels widely to perform and teach at ukulele festivals and other events. This is his first book.

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